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Does the veteran community view your organization as Veteran Friendly?


You might be surprised. 


When currently serving military and veterans were askedIf a company states they are ‘Veteran Friendly,’ what is your initial reaction?” Here were their polled responses in the *RallyPoint military community.




























Yes over 40% of currently serving military and veterans believe organizations are “Not actually hiring veterans, just making the claim to make themselves look good”.


Why? We have found the term “Veteran or Military Friendly” has been grossly over utilized or even misrepresented by vendors trying to sell product, ad space, and subscriptions and by hiring organizations who have not clearly defined what the term actually means to the veteran community.


Ask yourself... Do "We're Veterans Friendly" website badges or Top 10 lists actually mean anything to the community you are trying to attract? 




We help organizations improve outreach, develop appropriate community messaging, drive better user experience, engagement, and create systems which positively impact the military and veteran community. This allows an organization to shape a message to the community be demonstrating you are veteran friendly, NOT just claiming it.


My father - a Vietnam Army veteran - always says

                                                                    “You gotta walk the walk before you talk the talk.”   




* RallyPoint is a Military and Veteran ONLY social network with the mission to help service members and veterans lead more successful and fulfilling lives. Visit for more information. 


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