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Employee Referrals have been at the top of every organization’s source of hire report for years. According to two separate reports – CareerXRoads and Silk Road’s Source of Hire – over 20% of all hires are driven by employee referrals.


Are you leveraging your employees with military backgrounds for veteran referrals?


It’s time organizations smartly rally and mobilize their veteran employee base to leverage an amazing veteran hiring referral engine.


Wait, it’s not that easy.


Veterans are less likely to identify during the application and onboarding process, which means nearly all organizations have not clearly identified veterans they currently employ. Nearly every organization we have worked with over the last decade has admitted veteran ID is an unspoken albeit a major issue.


Why don’t veterans identify themselves? Simple,  for starters they do not want to participate in your box-checking exercises.




Let us drive the key to mobilization by starting up the referral engine for your organization. Engage us to focus on driving your organization’s ability to genuinely engage your entire workforce with a real veteran friendly message. We will devise and help deploy messaging which will give veterans a reason to step forward without focusing on the organization’s need to merely check boxes.


Your greatest veteran hiring engine is right under your nose, but will you ever realize its potential?


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