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Compliance can sometimes feel like you are getting down in the mud.


Remember, doing business with the U.S. Government is BIG BUSINESS and your organization cannot jeopardize those millions or billions of dollars in short and long-term revenues. In doing business with the feds your organization – as a federal contractor or subcontractor – is subject to heightened policy and regulations revolving around the hiring of military veterans.


In March of 2014 OFCCP compliance changed from a “Good Faith” shell game – where post and pray was prominent and hiring veterans was not necessary – to a hiring outcomes oriented policy complete with veteran hiring benchmarks and assessments of your veteran hiring effectiveness.




We understand these changes and can help your organization focus on driving real veteran hiring outcomes. We also understand this is not a “one size fits all” problem and have created a modular solution set which can help any organization build a more complete veteran hiring program. Every engagement starts with discovery and assessment which leads down the road of recommendations and driving implementation.


Today’s OFCCP compliance is about effectively identifying, targeting, attracting, and most importantly hiring veterans. We recognize your obstacles and can provide the tools to break through and drive veteran hiring.


Don’t be a victim of “Good Faith” anymore.

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