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Catch 22 Consulting

Experience + Execution = Results

Talent Acquisition

Are you a Talent Acquisition or Human Resources professional?

Let us help you discover more efficient ways of building diverse talent pools through better technology, proven outreach programs, and experienced vision. 

Does your organization have a sustained and successful Veteran Hiring program?


We use proven strategies, outreach, and experience to create a successful program focused on hiring outcomes.

Does your company provide products and services to hiring companies? 


Use our experience and connections to drive revenue, build partnerships, and create technologies to evolve your business today!

Chad & Cheese Podcast

Looking to add some spice to your recruiting and technology diet?

Every week Chad and Joel punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts, complete with breaking news, brash opinion, and loads of snark. 



The target is always moving for Talent Acquisition leaders, which is a great reason to have industry experience and connections on your side.


We can help you stay on target by answering the hard questions head on.

How will you integrate AI/Automation into your process?

Are you tracking vendor source codes for ROI? 

What are your vendor and tech strategies?

Is candidate experience affecting your corporate revenue?

What is your tech stack strategy?

Talent Acquisition

How can we enhance our solutions for employers? 
What opportunities are opening up in the market? 
Do we have concise and clear messaging?
Where can we evolve to realize more revenue?

Should we explore partnerships or go it alone?



Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees, which is why it's so important to engage outside experience to provide insight and recommendations. 


We just might be the experience and insight your organization needs to take that crucial step forward.


We're ready to help answer your questions.

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